I am a new resident in possession of my vehicle title. What can I expect when I register my vehicle?
Because you are in possession of your title, the State of New Hampshire allows us to title and register your vehicle. In most instances, we will be able to process the entire transaction in our office. However, some instances may still require a visit to a state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to finish the transaction.

You will need to surrender your title which will be attached to a title application prepared by our office and mailed to the State of New Hampshire Title Bureau. The Title Bureau will process a New Hampshire title and mail it to you within 3 to 4 weeks. However, if you still make payments, your title will be mailed to your lien holder.

With the exception of leased vehicles, registrations will be processed through the first owner’s birth month. First time registrations cannot be issued for less than five months or more than sixteen months. The first time is prorated. Renewals are done at twelve month intervals and are not prorated. If you are a college student and don’t wish to change your residency to New Hampshire, please visit our page for students for further information prior to your visit. New residents have 60 days upon establishing residency to obtain a New Hampshire drivers license and register their vehicles, view the DMV website for more details.

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