2017 Approved City Budget


The City of Lebanon provides a wide range of services to residents, businesses and visitors including law enforcement, fire prevention, suppression and emergency medical services, infrastructure maintenance, solid waste disposal, water treatment and distribution, sewage collection and disposal, commercial and general aviation airport facilities and numerous recreation and library programs. With a population base of about 13,500, the City's day-time population has been estimated at near 35,000.

Municipalities face unabated inflationary pressures affecting everything from the cost of labor and materials to contractual services, capital equipment and vehicles. The budget is a policy document that determines the type and level of services delivered to the City. 

The budget implements policy through services by authorizing and funding the expenditure of public moneys.

Navigating the Budget

The 2017 City Budget has eight sections. For an overview of budgetary information go to Section 2 Summary; for the most comprehensive arrangement of budgetary information go to Section 8 Funds.