Changing Your Name After Marriage

In order to change your name, you will need to begin by purchasing a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate.

If you applied for your marriage license in 2015, the certified copy of your marriage license will reflect your name prior to the marriage as well as your legal name after marriage. (Your legal name after marriage was determined by you when you applied for your marriage license.) This document will be acceptable if you wish to change your surname and middle name, if applicable, after your marriage.

If you applied for your marriage license in 2014 or prior years, the certified copy of your marriage license will only list your name prior to the marriage. This is acceptable to use if you wish to change your surname after your marriage. Only one partner may change their surname using the marriage license; if both partners wish to change their surname, one partner will be required to obtain a legal name change through a court.

What To Change in Addition to the Marriage Licenses

Once you have obtained a certified copy of your marriage, below are the 2 most important things to change and it is recommended that you change them prior to continuing on with the list.

  1. Social Security - this is the first item you should change. The process for changing your Social Security card can be done through the mail or you may visit one of their locations. For more information, you may contact SSA at 800-772-1213. To find the location nearest to you, please visit the Social Security Office Locator website. 
  2. Your Driver's License/Non-Driver ID - this is the second item you should change. If you have a New Hampshire Driver's License or Non-Driver ID, currently the state will change your name at no charge.

Items Needed

This is a reminder list of other items that, if applicable to you, should be changed. You may have other items under your previous name that you will want to take care of as well.

  1. Passport
  2. Information with your Employer: benefits, payroll, retirement, etc. Please check with your employer for a complete list of what needs to be updated.
  3. Car Registration: If you are a New Hampshire Resident, you may have your name changed on your car registration for free after you have changed your driver's license. You will have to present your updated driver's license and your current registration. This may be done at any New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles substation or in most cases, at your local Clerk's office.
  4. Bank accounts and loans: checking, savings, mortgage, auto loans, personal loans, lines of credit, certificates of deposit, IRA's, etc that you may have with your bank or other financial institution.
  5. Credit Cards
  6. Utility Bills/Other Bills and Accounts
  7. Voter Registration: For New Hampshire residents, please visit your Town or City Clerk's office, attend a supervisor's session or visit your polling location on Election Day.