Applying for A Marriage License

New Hampshire residents, as well as non-residents, who wish to marry in the State of New Hampshire must file for a marriage license. Please refer to the following documentation for complete details.

We are currently open to the public and issuing marriage licenses Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. Masks are required for service; we have masks available if needed. Appointments are not required at this time.

Where to File

Couples can file in the office of any town or city clerk in the State of New Hampshire, regardless of their residency.

When & Where the License Can Be Used

The license is valid for 90 days from the date of application and can be used anywhere in the State of New Hampshire. There is no waiting period and witnesses are not required. 

How to File

Both parties must appear before the City Clerk to complete the application form. Lebanon's hours for marriage applications are Monday through Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


When completing the application form, documentation as noted below will be required: 

  1. Proof of identity and age is required in the form of photo identification. We will accept a driver's license, armed services identification card, or a passport. If you do not have photo identification, we will require a certified copy of a birth certificate.
  2. If either or both parties have been previously married or previously joined in a civil union, you will be asked to present proof that you are divorced or widowed. We will accept a certified or absolute copy of the final divorce decree from the most recent marriage, a certified or absolute copy of dissolution decree of the most recent civil union or a certified copy of the death record of the deceased spouse.
Please note, photocopies of divorce, dissolution or death certificates will not be accepted. 

  • A certified copy of a death certificate will be on special paper and will contain a signature of the issuing party as well as a raised seal.
  • A certified or absolute copy of a divorce or dissolution will have one or more of the following: a raised seal, a gold foil seal, a stamped seal, original signatures and/or say "True Copy Attest" with an original signature. This document will also have the date the divorce was made final or absolute. 


There is a $50 license fee.