Permit Fee Calculator

How to Determine Your Permit Fee

All permit fees are due upon submission of permit application. The following permit fee schedule and calculator will help you determine fees for projects valued $5000 or less OR $5001 more. You may also review our Permit Fee Schedule for details about how these fees are determined. Please contact the Planning & Development Office at 603-448-1524 if you need additional assistance.

Projects Valued at $5000 or Less

For projects valued at $5000 or less, please refer to the following chart to determine total permit fee due.

Cost of ConstructionPermit Fee for Residential (detached) one and two-family construction and renovation.Permit Fee for Multi-family residential (including attached units), commercial, and industrial construction and renovation.    
$0 - $500$31.00$37.00
$501 - $1,000$37.00$63.00
$1,001 - $3,000$58.00$84.00
$3,001 - $5,000$79.00$115.00
$5,001 or more use the permit fee calculator belowuse permit fee calculator below

Projects Valued at $5001 or More

For projects valued at $5,001 or more, please enter the cost of construction into the yellow highlighted area below then hit ENTER to get the total permit fee due. Please remember to round up to the nearest dollar. You can also open the permit fee calculator and download it if the screen below is not working for you.