New Residents to Lebanon

New Residents to Lebanon

If you have moved to Lebanon from another state with a vehicle that was registered in your name, OR if you are new to Lebanon and have just purchased a vehicle, there are several different scenarios that may apply to your situation. Below is a list of some of the most common scenarios. If none of these are applicable to your situation or if you require further information, it is recommended that you contact our office prior to visiting to ensure you bring proper documentation.

Various Scenarios

Online Estimates

The City Clerk’s Office now has an online tool available to help you conduct your own estimate for new (and new-to-you) vehicle registrations. It is important to know that the fees calculated are subject to change and may vary depending upon how and when you complete the registration process. The site only provides estimates for new plates. It does not have the ability to calculate transferring plates or renewal amounts.

Here are a few tips and some useful information for using the system, to help you get the best quote possible:

  • Registrations are prorated by month, beginning with the month the transaction is processed through the month of expiration. They cannot be issued for less than five months or more than sixteen months. The price of your estimate will change by month; the amount will either increase or decrease to go through the next possible expiration date, depending on your timing.  
  • Leased Vehicles: You will need to provide the name of your leasing company as it will appear on your registration. This can be found on your dealer prepared title application (NH Dealers and some out-of-state dealers) OR on the back of your Certificate of Origin (most out-of-state dealers). New residents who have moved here from out-of-state may find the information on their out-of-state registration or by contacting their leasing company. Tip: The dealership is not the leasing company.
  • Owned or Financed Vehicles: If the vehicle is owned or financed, you will need to provide the birth month of the person who will be listed first on the registration. The birth month of that person will determine the month of expiration for your registration. The person must be on the paperwork for the new vehicle to be listed on the registration. 
  • It is a good idea to have the paperwork provided by your dealer at hand to help you select the correct vehicle for your estimate.