Heritage Commission

Purpose / Charge 

The Commission is responsible for the proper recognition, use, and protection of resources, tangible or intangible, primarily man-made, that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic, or community significance within their natural, build, or cultural context.

The Heritage Commission was highlighted in the local Lebanon Times Holiday 2022 edition. Within the article, multiple ongoing and current focuses of the Commission are detailed. Read more about the Heritage Commission's activities as published in the Lebanon Times


Five Citizen members and up to five alternates appointed for three-year terms by the Mayor and City Council. One of the Commission’s regular members shall be a member of the City Council and another may be a member of the Planning Board.

City Historian

The City Historian is a position designed to provide outreach to Lebanon students and citizens to encourage an interest in and further study of Lebanon's rich history. The City Historian may also serve as a mentor to one or more residents, particularly younger residents and students, who are interested in working to preserve City heritage and assisting the Historian in his or her role. The City Historian shall be appointed by the Mayor and City Council for a period of three years. The position should be filled from recommendations made by citizens or citizen groups, such as the Heritage Commission, Historical Society, and others.

Meeting Time and Place

View the City Meeting Calendar for the most current information regarding meeting times and schedules.


The Heritage Commission was established by Ordinance Number 2006-07 on July 7, 2006 in accordance with New Hampshire RSA 674:44, 675:7, and 676:1. The Heritage Commission replaced the previous Historic District Commission. The charge was amended May 21, 2014. Membership reduced from seven to five regular members by City Council Action July 21, 2021.

Agendas, Minutes, Media

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Recordings of City meetings are posted within 48 hours following the meeting date. Minutes are posted following approval. View Agendas, Minute, and Media

Certificate of Approval Application

Contact Information

To contact the Heritage Commission or City Historian, please use our Boards and Committees Contact Form


  • Jeremy Rutter, Planning Board Representative
  • Devin Wilkie, Council Representative
  • Karen Zook, Alt. Council Representative
  • Nicole Ford Burley, City Historian, Chair
    Term: July 2024
  • Matthew Smith, Vice Chair
    Term: July 2024                                                                                                 
  • Vacant, Alt
  • Vacant, Alt 
  • Vacant, Alt
  • Vacant, Alt
  • Vacant, Alt

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