Businesses and Haulers

How do I establish a commercial account?

To establish a commercial account, please complete our Commercial Solid Waste Hauler Permit application. The permit is valid for the calendar year and must be renewed. Each vehicle using the facility must be permitted. 

Scale Weighing

The following is the procedure for scale weighing:

  1. All large loads must be weighed.
  2. Wait until the vehicle in front of you has been off the scales for 3 to 5 seconds before going on scales.
  3. Brake lightly on scales, no fast stops or starts. Damage to scales from failure to stop or start properly may result in individuals/firms responsible being held personally liable.
  4. Stay in your vehicle until an attendant lets you know when to go or give him your ticket(s).
  5. All loads are to be dumped as directed by the Landfill attendant.
  6. A minimum charge will be assessed for scale users. The tipping fee is $78.80 per ton with a minimum disposal charge of 200 pounds. 

Smaller-Load Haulers

For all smaller-load haulers (disposing of less than 1,000 lbs a week and/or making fewer than 8 visits a month), a commercial account and permit will be required. As of January 1, 2024, disposal transactions must be paid for via credit card on a per­ visit basis.

Additional Information

For more information, please see Lebanon Code Chapter 97: Landfill Regulations. If you have questions about obtaining a commercial account with the City of Lebanon, please contact Solid Waste Manager, Erica Douglas.