Records Office

Pistol Permits & Records Requests

Each request for a report must be accompanied by the minimum $10.00 payment. In cases where the requested report exceeds 10 pages, you will be billed for the remainder when the report is mailed to you.

A written request and fee are required for the release of all records.

Permits and Forms

Records Fees

Discovery materials at discretion of Chief in consideration of court rules.
Record Fee
Closed Incident / Arrest Reports (except discovery and accident) $10, first 10 pages and $0.50 per page thereafter
Call for Service (if 1 page and easily accessible) $0.50 per page
Accident Reports $10.00 flat rate
Discovery Open arrests pending Court; call the Records Division for Fees
Dispatch Audio (pre-paid) $50
Booking Videos / Cruiser Videos / Body Worn Camera Videos / DVDs (pre-paid) $20
Pistol Permits $10
Color Photos  $0.50 each
Administrative fee of a reasonable hourly or overtime rate for researching, redacting and producing records
Hourly rate at time of request