K9 Unit


The Lebanon K9 Unit was established in 2003, with the support and approval of the Lebanon City Council.

The K9 Unit, under the direction of Lieutenant Alan Lowe, can often be seen walking the downtown area meeting new people and keeping the community safe. The unit is made up of 3 separate teams, all of which are dual certified. This means the dogs are patrol and narcotic detection certified. 


Patrol Dogs search buildings; track for lost people and criminals; search for articles such as guns and other evidence; apprehend dangerous criminals who pose an immediate threat to the safety of the public; and protect their handlers.

Narcotic Dogs search for drugs in cars, buildings, and other locations.

The Lebanon Police Dogs are social dogs, who enjoy time spent with their handler's families, as well as interaction with the public.

The Lebanon Police Department K9 Unit has been a resounding success to date, making numerous drug seizures, tracking criminals, checking buildings, finding dangerous weapons, and overall making Lebanon a safer, healthier community.


The Lebanon Police Department wishes to thank those who have given their support to the K9 program. Without their continued contributions of services and time, the K9 program would not be as successful as it is.

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Current K9 Teams

Officer Perkins and K9 BleskCorporal Jeremy Perkins and K9 Blesk

Corporal Perkins and K9 Blesk and joined the K9 Unit in February 2018. K9 Blesk is a male Belgian Malinois imported from Slovakia. Officer Perkins most recently worked with K9 Max, who succumbed to cancer in December 2017. 

Officer Alden and K9 Nitro graduationCorporal Nicholas Alden and K9 Nitro

Corporal Alden and K9 Nitro joined the K9 Unit in November 2018. They completed the drug detection course and patrol and evidence school at the VT Police Canine Academy in 2019. K9 Nitro is a male German Shepherd purchased from Hop River Shepherds in Connecticut. 

Officer Scelza and K9 AllergoOfficer Logan Scelza and K9 Allergo

Officer Scelza and K9 Allergo joined the K9 Unit in July 2021. K9 Allergo is a male German Shepherd who was born in Slovakia on October 13, 2019. They completed the drug detection course and patrol course at the VT Police Canine Academy in 2021. 

Learn More About the Lebanon K9 Unit

In the following "Lebanon in Depth" episode recorded in 2011, retired Lebanon City Manager Greg Lewis chats with Sr. Officer Jeremy Perkins and Retired K9 Max of the Lebanon Police Department. Watch the video to learn more about the function and operation of this unit.