Bicycle Patrol Unit


The purpose of the Mountain Bike Patrol Unit is to assist the department in bridging the gap between foot and vehicular patrol. Bicycles provide efficient coverage of particular areas, while at the same time assisting in community oriented policing.

Assignment to this unit is strictly volunteer; however officers must successfully complete a training course, must be physically fit and capable of performing extended duties on a bicycle, and must be highly motivated with good public relations skills.


We currently have 4 trained officers who have the bikes mounted on their units when on patrol. Due to the geographical layout of Lebanon, the bike is carried on a vehicle bike rack and taken to the area to be utilized. Areas the officers ride the bikes in are downtown Lebanon and West Lebanon Village to include the neighborhood side streets in these areas. 

Lebanon in Depth
Retired Lebanon City Manager Greg Lewis chats with Sergeant Adam Leland of the Lebanon Police Mountain Bike Patrol Unit. Sergeant Leland was Officer 1st Class at the time this interview was recorded. 

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