Mechanic/High/Mascoma Street Roundabout

General Information

The Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project has been in the queue for well over 10 years and is slotted for re-construction to begin in 2023 as per the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) 10-year plan.  The project will be Federally funded with a cost-share of 80% Federal and 20% local money. 

The original study area encompassed the US Route 4 Corridor from the High street intersection to Exit 19, with all key intersections in between studied. Right of ways, widths of the roadways, number of travel lanes, potential widening, pedestrian travel, bicycle, transit, traffic patterns were looked into and improvements to the circulation of travel for all modes and access along the corridor and incorporating the Mascoma Greenway into the planning. 

There was an introduction meeting to the corridor and walkabouts were held to look at the overall corridor and property owner issues and potential property impacts, ideas for improvements, etc. Three alternatives for the corridor were generated and presented to the Council and public after traffic studies were completed and historical information gathered. 

Based upon NHDOT funding and recommendation, the Mechanic Street Reconstruction Project was broken down into phases where it was decided the first phase to move forward will be constructing a roundabout at the Mechanic, High, and Mascoma Street intersection. The second phase will be the Slayton Hill and Mechanic Street intersection roundabout. The third phase will be the roadway connection, Segment B, between the two roundabouts and the final phase will be the roadway connection, Segment A, between Exit 19 and Slayton Hill. 

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Project Overview

The following project will be conducted in four phases as outlined below.

Phase 1: Mechanic/High/Mascoma Street Roundabout

Status: Preliminary design phase. Construction to begin in 2023.
This phase of the project will replace the current intersection with a one-lane roundabout which will accommodate vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian modes of travel. Affected Streets: High Street, Mechanic Street, Mascoma Street, and Foundry Street

Phase 2: Slayton Hill/Mechanic Street Roundabout

Status: Conceptual plan. Design phase in 2025. Construction is scheduled for 2029.

Phase 3: Roadway Connection, Segment B, Between the Two Roundabouts

Status: TBA

Phase 4: Roadway Connection, Segment A, Between Exit 19 and Slayton Hill

Status: TBA