Camp Recreation, Arts, & Parks (formerly Camp K)

New Name, Same Camp Fun!

We are very excited to announce that we are upgrading Camp Kaleidoscope to move up to a brand new name moving forward and we will now be called Camp Recreation, Arts, & Parks. Even though we have a new name, we are still committed to the same camp goals and objectives for the summer camp season. Although there will be modifications due to COVID-19 and it may not be the traditional summer camp experience you are used to, Camp Recreation, Arts, & Parks will still be a summer filled with fun.

Registration Information

Registration will begin on the following dates.

  • Residents on April 19, 2021, at 9:00 AM
  • Non-Residents on May 3, 2021, at 9:00 AM  

Registration options:

  • Register online at Log in to make sure your account is ready and includes your camper in your household account and you haven't forgotten the password.
  • Register in-person at our office located at 15 Hanover Street INSIDE River Valley College.  You can use our general registration form. You will need to call 603-448-5121 in order to come into the building and you can select any staff member from the auto-attendant to assist you with registration. You will have to have your temperature taken and will be required to wear a mask as well. Here is a photo of where our main entrance is located. Office location is at 15 Hanover Street Lebanon, NH 03766
  • Register over the phone by calling 603-448-5121 and be prepared to work with any one of us to answer questions and complete your registration with you.

Items Required when registering: All of the following items, if not completed at registration, will be required by June 7, 2021.

  • Are photos ok to be used for publication or promotional purposes
  • Medical insurance (Provide name and policy number)
  • Authorized pick-up & additional emergency contacts
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Swim Level (Just in case we are able to add this back into the schedule)
  • Month/Year of Tetanus Shot/Booster
  • Allergies/Dietary Restrictions
  • Any physical, mental, emotional, social health, development, or psychological conditions requiring medication, treatment, or special restrictions or considerations while at camp that staff should be aware of
  • Under the care of a physician for the following current treatment (if any)
  • Medication to be provided either prescribed or over the counter
  • We are preparing groups ahead of time.  Please have the name of 1 or 2 friends that are attending camp that your camper would be happy to hang out with all summer.

Camp Rates per week and a non-refundable $20 deposit is due at the time of registration:

  • $145 - Residents (Registration opens April 19 at 9:00 AM)
  • $185 - Non-Residents  (Registration opens May 3 at 9:00 AM)


  • 5-6 Camp will have a total of 17 campers for a 1:6 ratio with camp staff for a total of 17 campers and 3 staff.
  • 7-8 Camp will have 2 groups of 12 campers for a 1:6 ratio with camp staff for a total of 24 campers and 4 staff.
  • 9-12 Camp will have 2 groups of 18 campers for a 1:9 ratio with camp staff for a total of 36 campers and 4 staff.
    • Please note that with 7-8 camp and 9-12 camp we will have 2 separate groups.  These groups will not interact with one another to ensure to not exceed the max group size of 20 which includes staff.

Camp Days: Monday - Friday
Camp Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM 
Camp Dates and Themes: 

  • Week 1: June 28 - July 2 (Space Theme)
  • Week 2: July 5 - July 9 (Steam/Stem Theme)
  • Week 3: July 12 - July 16 (Super Hero Theme)
  • Week 4: July 19 - July 23 (Pirates Theme)
  • Week 5: July 26 - July 30 (Under the Seas Theme)
  • Week 6: August 2 - August 6 (Dinosaur Theme)

Additional activities planned is a partnership with Upper Valley Music Center will be providing music lessons all summer long. Each week we will have a special performance coming to camp for a private show following social distancing and COVID19 protocols.  A detailed schedule will be provided once we get closer to the season. 

Location:  Hanover Street School/Lebanon High School - 193 Hanover Street Lebanon, NH

Parent/Guardian Handbook: To be provided.

Camp Goals and Objectives

Camp Goals: Camp Recreation, Arts, and Parks are committed to the following goals: 

  • Safety - To provide a safe, nurturing day camp experience for children. 
  • Fun - To provide an opportunity for children to participate in healthy, educational, and fun activities during their summer vacation. 
  • Skill Development - To give campers the opportunity to develop new skills in a variety of areas. 
  • Citizenship - To help campers make positive contributions to the camp community through individual responsibility and leadership. 

Program Objectives: Camp Recreation, Arts, and Parks are guided by the following objectives: 

  • Safety - Campers will be knowledgeable of safety rules regarding travel, field trips, swimming activities, use of equipment and supplies, and personal behavior. (This will be modified to fit the activities planned). 
  • Fun - Campers will be able to make individual choices for two activity periods per week. 
  • Skill Development - Campers will improve their skills in fine motor development, physical development, positive decision making, and social/emotional personal communication. 
  • Citizenship - Campers will participate in activities designed to promote teamwork and cooperation. 

Leader in Training Program

We also offer a Leader in Training Program for ages 13-14. Learn more about our Leader in Training program by contacting Kristine at to express interest.

Financial Assistance

Do you need financial assistance? We encourage you to consider one of the following two options. 

  1. Contact LISTEN Services to request a meeting. Confirmation and approval of funds from LISTEN will be required to be sent to Lebanon Recreation and Parks at; OR
  2. E-mail requesting a financial need form and a form will be sent to you. This form will need to be completed prior to your registration for Camp Recreation, Arts, and Parks.

Additional Information 

Please contact Kristine, Recreation Coordinator, at 603-448-5121 or e-mail if you have additional questions.

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