Open Space Plan

The City’s 2012 Master Plan includes multiple references to the importance of open space planning for ensuring responsible and respectful development and for identifying and protecting the existing resources and biodiversity that Lebanon enjoys. The Master Plan explicitly recommends the development of an Open Space Plan that would inventory natural and cultural features and recommend green space corridors for continued wildlife habitat and for the benefit of residents. The Lebanon Open Space Plan was adopted by the Conservation Commission in November 2021, endorsed by the Planning Board in May 2022, and endorsed by the City Council in June 2022. Upon its adoption, the Open Space Plan becomes part of a set of studies and reports, along with the Natural Resources Inventory and the Wildlife Corridors Study, that have been prepared in conjunction with the Conservation Commission to achieve the community’s goals with respect to natural resources as set forth in the Master Plan. Together, these documents have been and will continue to be used to inform City policy and short- and long-range planning efforts.

Lebanon Open Space Plan

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