Miracle Mile Water Main and Roadway Improvement Project

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Welcome to the Miracle Mile Water Main and Roadway Improvement Project page. This page contains updates, contact information, documents, and answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to this project. 

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Project Overview

What is the scope of this project?

This project involves the replacement of approximately 6,200 linear feet of 1958 12-inch cast iron water main with 12-inch ductile iron water main, from the Terri Dudley Bridge to Gardner's Supply.  The project also includes a sidewalk extension from Price Chopper to the Poverty Lane intersection.   A mill, shim, and full-width pavement overlay of the corridor will follow the water main and sidewalk extension.

How long is this going to take?

Construction of the water main replacement and sidewalk extension is nearly complete.  Minor outstanding miscellaneous work and cleanup will occur between April 15, 2024 and May 15, 2024.  A mill, shim, and full-width pavement overlay of the corridor will commence on or about June 1, 2024, and be completed by August 30, 2024. 

Which streets are involved?

Streets involved/impacted are: 

  • Miracle Mile
  • Mechanic Street
  • Poverty Lane Intersection
  • Buckingham Place Intersection

How will property owners be affected?

Commercial properties and abutting properties will experience minor water shutdowns during service connection. The City will notify and coordinate with property owners to schedule water shutdowns.

How will I know what is happening?

We strongly encourage you to subscribe to receive alerts via email or text through our LebAlert service at LebanonNH.gov/GetLebAlerts.  Periodic project updates will be posted to this project page, as well as sent to subscribers.

Miracle Mile
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