Mission and Membership

Purpose / Charge / Mission 

  1. Enhancing the City’s support for a welcoming environment encouraging cooperation, tolerance, and respect among and by all persons living, working, and visiting the city
  2. Serving as a resource for the City government and the community by providing information, education, and communication that facilitates a better understanding and celebrates our differences. 
  3. Advising the City government to ensure the community is united amongst diversity, where everyone is equally respected, valued, needed, and cherished.


Pursuant to Chapter C419:23 of the Lebanon City Charter, there is hereby established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission. The Commission shall be comprised of no more than nine voting members appointed by the City Council, including two City Councilors, one alternate City Councilor, seven members of the public, and up to four alternate public representatives. The City Manager or his/her designee shall be a permanent non-voting member of the commission.  

The Public Representatives shall be residents of the City of Lebanon and shall be appointed by the City Council and their terms shall be staggered for periods of two years. The City Council representatives shall be appointed by the Mayor annually. 

In determining each member’s qualifications, the appointing authority shall take into consideration the appointee’s ability to assist in the purpose of the commission and their willingness to serve. The appointing authority will seek a broad representation of the community at large.

Commission members will serve without compensation and subject to applicable City policies.  Commission members must comply with the City’s ethics policies and shall refrain from promoting or pursuing personal interests while acting as a member or representing the City.  

The Commission shall have assistance from City staff, as designated by the City Manager.  The Commission shall comply with the rules of decorum as established by the City Council.