City of Fountains


In the 19th Century, the City of Lebanon was known as the "City of Fountains" because of the many fountains throughout the City in private yards and public places. Today, Lebanon still is home to fountains which in many cases have been restored and returned to fully functioning due to the diligence and desire of the Fountain Working Group founded in 1997 and disbanded in 2020. Fountain beautification and maintenance is currently managed by our Arts & Culture Commission with the help of our Department of Public Works.  

One target outcome of the 2012 Lebanon Master Plan includes the "support of a sustainable civic art program to promote arts and cultural opportunities that enhance the City's character and quality of life", with the specific example of seeking "funding to support the fountain committee's efforts to re-establish Lebanon as 'The City of Fountains'."

Thank you to the Lebanon Historical Society and the Fountain Working Group for providing pictures and history of our "City of Fountains". 

Current Fountains

The following is a list of fountains located throughout Lebanon currently. 

  • Lebanon Mall Fountain, 7-foot wide bowl on a pedestal surrounded by 20-foot wide basin with bronze sculptures of turtles and dolphins, Lebanon Pedestrian Mall, 2015 (replaced one dismantled in 1988)
  • Henry W. Carter Memorial Fountain, installed in 1898. corner of East Park and Campbell Streets (original figure of a boy supporting a lily was stolen during repairs in the mid-20th century and replaced by "Umbrella Girl" (restored in 1998)
  • Colburn Park Fountain, a late 19th Century fountain from the former Rogers Estate on Green Street (relocated in 2002)
  • Robert H. Leavitt Memorial Park water feature, High Street
  • Glenwood Cemetery Fountain, installed in 1883 at the entrance to Glenwood Cemetery (replaced 2020)
  • Logan Family Fountain, Glenwood Cemetery, 2020
  • Kilton Library Courtyard Fountain, 2010
  • A private fountain located at 46 School Street
  • A private fountain located in Valley Cemetery on the property of the Wood Family

Past Fountains

The following is a list of fountains that are part of Lebanon's history but no longer exist. 

  • Hough Square Fountain, installed in 1895 in "Fountain Plaza", the intersection of Hanover and High Streets (removed in 1969)
  • Augustus Carter Fountain, installed in 1896 on the front lawn of Augustus Carter house at 10 Bank Street (moved to the side of Lebanon Public Library in 1909 but lost in the 1930s)
  • School Street Cemetery Fountain, an iron fountain near Methodist Church entrance (removed at some point and never found)
  • Glenwood Cemetery "Floral Island" Fountain, possibly donated by Mary Kimball in 1889, west of the entrance to Glenwood Cemetery (stolen and the island later converted to burial plots)
  • 29 School Street Fountain, existed in the 19th Century
  • 9 Union Street Fountain
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