Lebanon Fire Station 2 Replacement Project

On Monday, July 19, 2021, the Lebanon Fire Department held a community conversation to seek feedback and to answer questions regarding a potential Fire Station 2 replacement project proposed for 38 Maple Street in West Lebanon (near the intersection of Tracy Street). The following information provides additional information regarding this proposed project.


According to the summary provided by the Lavallee Brensinger Architects Team, [the current Fire Station 2 building located at 63 N. Main Street, West Lebanon] was constructed in 1974. The building is in reasonable condition as noted in the Existing Conditions Assessment portion of this report. However, the building and the site present several operational, safety, energy efficiency, code, accessibility, and mechanical challenges. The facility in its current form does not support modern fire-fighting operations and is challenged to accommodate modern fire-fighting apparatus. The site is very constrictive and severely limits the ability to expand the current building to meet the proposed future 2039 Space Program needs, outlined in this report, which indicates a potential increase of 55%. We recommend that Phase 2 explore the construction of a new FD-2 facility on a new site in lieu of renovating and adding onto the current facility on the existing site. The location of a new FD-2 facility will be studied in Phase 2, addressing location, site parameters including location in an area of the City experiencing the most growth, lot shape, topography, traffic impact, and response time. The existing site is located in a busy commercial area and may be of interest to a commercial business.

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Contact Information

For more information about this project or to provide feedback, please contact Fire Chief Jim Wheatley.

Existing Fire Station 2 at 63 Main Street, West Lebanon