Police Detail Requests

The Lebanon Police Department provides security, traffic control, and escort services as needed, per the availability of the officers. All requests are scheduled through the Administrative Assistant. If a requester calls outside of our normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, please contact our Communications Division. 

Before the date of the scheduled detail, the Administrative Assistant will notify the requester if the detail was filled or not. Please note, details that are requested less than 24 hours in advance are less likely to be covered. There is no guarantee details will be covered, as it depends on the availability of the officers.

Required Information

  1. Main Point of Contact's full name and phone number.
  2. Business name (if applicable).
  3. Billing address.
  4. Date and time frame of the detail(s).
  5. Location/Street Address of the detail(s).
  6. Number of officers needed.
  7. Number of cruisers needed (if applicable).
  8. Type of detail (Ex: traffic control).
  9. Name of event/reason for request.

Pricing & Billing

  • 1 officer: $76.00 / hour.
  • 1 officer with cruiser: $91.00 / hour.

There is a 4-hour minimum for each detail. (Ex: If a requester only wants an officer for 2 hours, payment for the 4-hour minimum will be applied.)

Once the detail(s) has been completed, an invoice will be sent to the billing address provided by the requester. If our officers were unable to fill the detail, the Lebanon Police Department will not send an invoice.


Requesters have until 2 hours before the detail to cancel. Any cancellations within the 2-hour timeframe will be billed the 4-hour minimum.

  1. Carli Maruca

    Administrative Assistant

  2. Communications