Swim Lessons

The following is a description of the swim lessons offered by the Lebanon Recreation and Parks department at the Lebanon Memorial Pool. Complete details including dates, times, and registration fees are provided on our registration page.

Preschool Lessons

Parent and child class for children ages 3-5 years old. Parents will learn proper techniques to help their swimmers become comfortable in the water, as well as beginner skills.

American Red Cross Level I

For children ages 5+. Become comfortable in the water, and learn floating, breath holding, jumping in and safety in the water.

American Red Cross Level II

Prerequisite: Level I
This class is recommended for children that can float on their front and back independently. Skill development is around kicking, gliding and an introduction to the front crawl.

American Red Cross Level III

Prerequisite: Level II
In this class, the crawl stroke and back stroke are developed, as well as basic diving techniques and survival skills.

American Red Cross Level IV

Prerequisite: Level III
The front crawl is perfected and advanced strokes such as the breast stroke are introduced. Diving and safety skills are taught.

American Red Cross Level V

Prerequisite: Level IV and swim a minimum of 50 yards without difficulty
Stroke development, endurance and safety skills are taught.

American Red Cross Level VI

Prerequisite: Level V
All strokes are perfected, endurance and advanced safety skills will be taught.