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  1. Reduce Your Climate Impact by Composting Food Scraps

    Americans waste more than 100 billion pounds of food each year. All this wasted food has an impact on the disposal capacity of landfills. Lebanon is not immune to this. Each year, more than 5,000 tons of food scraps are landfilled in Lebanon. View Complete Details...
  2. Can I Recycle This Plastic?

    Every day at the Lebanon Recycling Center, our staff receives questions about what plastic is recyclable and what is not. It is important to know what is NOT recyclable so we keep our recycling contaminate-free. View complete details...
  3. Lebanon Open Space Plan Published!

    In November 2021, the Conservation Commission adopted the Lebanon Open Space Plan, which helps articulate the City's long-term vision for land conservation. View Complete Details...
  4. A Plea to Separate Recyclables Correctly

    Lebanon’s Solid Waste staff is always busy receiving and managing waste and recycling from Upper Valley households. The staff works hard to simplify the process and new signs were installed last year to improve communication with facility users. Continue Reading...
  5. Keeping Our Recyclables Local

    Do you know where your recyclables go? In this day and age, understanding where your food comes from is important. Is it local? Is it organic? Is it grass-fed, cage-free, etc? But do you know where your recyclables go and why it makes a difference? Continue Reading...
  6. Commit to Refill NOT Landfill this April

    During the month of April, the Lebanon Solid Waste Division, in cooperation with the Hanover Consumer Cooperative (the Co-op), is asking everyone to commit to refill NOT landfill and look for opportunities to REUSE. Take the Refill NOT Landfill pledge! Take the pledge today!
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Green Lebanon
  1. Everett Hammond

    Assistant Public Works Director
    Phone: 603-448-3112 ext. 6227


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