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  1. Please Minimize Visits to the Solid Waste Facility

    With concerns about community COVID-19 transmission, the City is “encouraging” residents to reduce their frequency of trips to the Solid Waste/Recycling Center by making an effort to only visit the facility when you have a minimum of 4 or 5 bags. Continue reading...
  2. Public survey about Route 12-A

    Do you have something to say about Route 12-A? We need YOUR input and local knowledge to help us develop this plan. You can help by filling out the UVLSRPC survey! Continue reading...
  3. COVID-19: Beware of Scams and False Claims

    The NH Attorney General's Office warns that scammers may take advantage of COVID-19 outbreak fears by selling bogus “treatments” and “prevention” products, establishing fake charities, and sending emails with malicious links or attachments. Learn more. Continue reading...
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