Airport Code: LEB
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Hangar Space to Lease or Build

Lebanon Municipal Airport offers a number of choices for aircraft storage

Hangar Space
 A heated conventional hangar (multi-aircraft) is located at the north end of the field and is managed by Signal Aviation Services, who provides aircraft  fueling and positioning services.New Individual T-Hangars are located at 31 and 37 Airpark Road at the south end of the field and are available for lease from the City. These T-Hangar spaces offer a number of choices in size; and an added safety feature; an active sprinkler system. The hangars are fully insulated, have electric bi-fold doors, and a heated pilot briefing lounge.Just north of the City T-Hangars is area available for lease for up to 45,000 SF of conventional hangar development or corporate hangar development. The site has all utilities at the ready and card-controlled secure access; and affords the opportunity to establish “a presence” often desired for corporate hangars.